Photo: Keith Greba

Do you have what it takes TO BE THE CHAMPION? 


Want to test the skills most important to anyone spending their days pulling fish from the sea? The first ever 2017 Wild Fishermen's Triathlon, held at 3PM on Saturday, August 12th at the Sitka Seafood Festival, will challenge Sitkans (fisherpeople and not) to determine who's the fastest, strongest, and saltiest team in town. This event is open to all- you need not be a fisherman to apply!!  Participants must be 18 and older.


Dexterity: readiness, grace in physical activity, and ability to make precise movements with the hands. Our Wild Fishermen's Triathlon will test the finesse and ingenuity of participants by challenging them to complete tasks that are second nature to experienced fishermen.

This portion will include: coiling line, setting and pulling a "skate", and more. 


Essential in the most successful fisherman is a healthy dose of physical strength and, more importantly, the brains to use it well.

Strength events will include: wetlock box hauling, tote carrying, etc. 


Levelheadedness. Mastery of the the seas. Ocean safety. There are many attributes that make a seaworthy sailor- want to test your skills and see if you can make the cut? 

Events will include: donning survival suits with speed and ease, lifejacket utilization, and tote races. 



Participation in the fishermen's triathlon is first come, first serve! The first 18 participants (9 teams with two people per team) will be allowed to join. We will keep a running waitlist of other sign ups. We will contact you if you are one of the first 9 teams to sign up.  

You MUST have a partner to sign up- but please, only one sign up per team! 

All participants MUST present themselves at the Crescent Harbor Shelter ASFT booth by 2:45 on Saturday, August 12th!!! 

*Participants should be in good physical condition to participate. Events will include running, some heavy lifting, etc. All participants must sign a waiver prior to participating (we will be in touch about waivers). 

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We are available to race at 3 pm on August 12th