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Inupiaq Mask Carver Erin Katherine Gingrich

The Sheldon Jackson Museum will host a lecture with artist in residence Erin Katherine Gingrich on Sat.,  Aug. 12th at 2pm. It is a Residency Recap that will highlight what Gingrich, who is an Inupiaq mask carver, has worked on over the course of her time in residency at the Sheldon Jackson Museum.

Erin’s work reconnects with the historically traditional beliefs of her ancestors with emphasis on the natural environment in the form of gifts gathered from the land. Her childhood, spent across Alaska, left her with impressions of Alaska’s biological diversity, a “personal experience of sacred subsistence lifeways” and the immeasurable value of the state’s ecosystem, “a gatherable gift cared for by our ancestors.” To re-establish her ancestors’ traditional beliefs, Erin’s artwork explores representations of the resources that make our environment unique through carved, painted, and beaded sculptural mask forms.